Bio / Background

rx 15  I am Macey Murrell from Louisville / Russell Springs KY, born and raised.  My brother is Charles Murrell and he’s 10 years older than me.  I have no other siblings.  I grew up at an early age playing music.  1st thing I played was a child’s drum set around age 8 or 9.  I got my 1st guitar when I was in Middle School, it was a black and white electric my parents bought from Dixie Music which is no longer in business.  Charles got me my 1st 12-string “Morris” acoustic around that time.  Not long after that I got my first 4 track Yamaha MT3X recorder and a Yamaha RX-15 drum machine.  Been recording myself and others ever since.

4trk 004As a teenager, I did the Yamaha Rock School thing at Mom’s Music, Mark Maxwell was my coach then, 1989, in Louisville KY the first year it started, it was sponsered by Yamaha, nothing like it had been done before.  We practiced and played at Alex G. Barret Middle School. I was the lead guitarist in the bands.  Been so long ago, I since have forgotten the band names I was in.  I helped create a band after Rock School, with my drummer-buddy I met there, Danny Medford.  We did some shows / gigs for a while, one was at a Wedding Reception at Bobby Nichols’ Golf Course, near the haunted Wavelry Hills Sanatorium. Needless to say, the band fizzled out.  After that I decided to throw myself into writing and recording.  So that’s what I did, started recording and doing everything by myself.