Charles’ Poems


My work is done,
My day at rest,
I know I’ve won,
What I like best,

The sun is low,
The moon is high,
A day I know,
is to say goodbye,

And night is here,
A time to play,
To fill with cheer,
Til comes the day,

So blessed am I,
to have this award,
A time to lie,
At rest my sword.


Backstreet Magoopoems for website 003

Backstreet Magoo was a pitiful old fool
And here lies the reason within
There had been times in his life that had been so cruel
To magoo it seemed he would never win
But he laughed and drank and swore it was a blast
Poor Magoo really thought it was all going to last
Until a sudden pain came screaming from inside
A hurt so deep, and a sorrow so wide
But he hid his pain, to never shed a tear
And continued to drink for several more years
Now his smile is just a memory, his lifestyle just a clue
For the reason of this morning’s buriel
Of Backstreet Magoo


“What Am I?”poems for website 005

From the tree,
Across the yard,
Through the window,
“It’s not that hard”

Into the study,
Over the desk,
Up to the light,
“Can’t you guess?”

Around the glass,
down I go,
In the drink,
“don’t you know?”

Fill my thirst,
Up I fly,
Do it again,
“What am I?”

“A Fly”